What We Do

Benfield Consulting’s work changes with the needs of the customer; the company has developed new knowledge with the changes in B2B channels since 2000. Customers are distributors, manufacturers, media companies, private equity firms, software firms, and associations serving North American B2B channels.  Our work includes:

Field Consulting - Projects of one to five months regarding a defined customer need and performance issue.   Work has been in the functional areas of marketing (product development, channel management, pricing, service, sales, operations, and growth strategy).   Clients have been firms with annual sales typically in the $100MM to $500MM range.   

Strategic Advisory - Benfield Consulting has served as a strategic advisor to clients since its inception in 2000.   Advice has been as a subject matter expert or highly experienced executive in B2B channels involving manufacturing and distribution.   Projects include corporate boards, due diligence for Private Equity, review and assessment of growth strategy, pre-sale performance enhancement, digital commerce investment and advice on marketing and operations subjects.

Research and Writing - Research has been done as commissioned and sponsored since the firm’s early years.  Projects have included diverse subjects of off-shoring, e-commerce, sales force restructuring, and channel conflict.  Benfield Consulting, typically, is involved in one major research project per year in addition to other work.  Scott Benfield regularly writes for trade publications, associations, and business periodicals.  

Speeches and Seminars - Benfield Consulting conducts approximately six seminars and webinars per year.  The subjects are varied but are often taken from the firm’s ongoing research and changing advisory services that complement the changing state of B2B channels.  

Interim Management - Interim management projects, typically, come from field consulting and are an implementation of the firm’s findings in the field.   Interim management projects are done at an executive level, often request executive privilege, and last six months to two years.   Past projects have included pricing system development, business process enhancement, and sales force restructuring.