What We Do

Benfield Consulting’s work evolves with the changing needs of B2B channels.  Scott Benfield has continued to push for new research, thought, and practice.  While Benfield Consulting's work is customized to individual client needs, the firm heavily invests in new knowledge.  Currently, work is being done on:


B2B E-Commerce The field of B2B e-commerce is twice as large as the field of B2C e-commerce (Forrester Research 2013).  However, the needs of the B2B buyer are diverse and often poorly understood; B2C rules on e-commerce cloud the progress of e-commerce in B2B channels.   Scott is releasing research on B2B distribution channels in 2014 and will conduct further research on PIM (Product Information Management) and how it impacts distributor organic growth.  The firm is beginning exploration of algorithms on distribution marketing efforts and how they will effect and change the 2.5 Trillion in sales durable goods sector.


Free Cash Flow and Future Growth:   The B2B distribution sector has one of the lowest Free Cash Flow Profiles (-5%) of the US Economy’s business sectors.  (See CFO.Com, The Wholesalers, Katz, 2012).   Free Cash Flow is a poorly understood and seldom used metric yet the potential to drive profitability by using differing approaches to the Cash Cycle are substantial.  Benfield Consulting will review the concept of Free Cash Flow, why it is important, and how to go behind the core concepts of Working Capital and Operating Cushion to improve profitability and fund growth out of earnings and not the credit line.

The Sales and Solicitation in a Digital World:  B2B channel members typically spend 3% to 6% of sales on customer service, inside sales, and outside sales.   The commodity buyer, using e-commerce, finds increasingly less value in the current sales structure.  Benfield Consulting will begin thought pieces and research on what the sales and solicitation effort will look like in the Digital world.   Emphasis will be placed on the future roles of the outside sales effort and how e-commerce and e-business tools will integrate with the personal selling effort to deliver value.


Work History:  Benfield Consulting is a generalist firm.  Field consulting has been done in asset productivity, supply chain streamlining, pricing, product development, channel management, service development, growth strategy, sales force restructuring, e-commerce strategy and development, and other areas. 


Benfield Consulting services are custom to client need.  Assessments, Audits, Speeches, Seminars, Research, Implementations, and Interim Executive/Management Assignments are part of the firm’s work history. 

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