What We Do

Benfield Consulting's work is customized to individual client needs.  Often, Assessments or Audits lead to long term work including Implementations or a series of training and follow up exercises. Depending on the year, over 75% of the firm's billings have been with repeat clients. Many relationships have lasted since the firm's inception. Benfield Consulting works with six common types of arrangements. They are:

> Speeches - Speeches are typically 1 to 3 hour presentations regarding topics of interest and research.  Benfield Consulting conducts speeches for public and private associations. Topics can vary but generally concern research done by the firm.

> Assessments - Assessments are a week to week and a half review of a function or problem area.  At the end of the project, the client gets an overview of problem areas and recommendations on how to fix the problems or where further study is needed.  Assessments have been done in the areas of pricing, service development, sales deployment, product development, channel management and growth planning.
> Audits - Audits are an intensive 2.5 to 10 week exercise in a functional area(s).  The audit examines a client function in detail and recommends a detailed strategy and tactics to fix the problem.  Audits are labor and information intensive.  They typically can yield powerful insights into a function or problem area.  The audit recommendations are reported in an implementation plan for the client beginning with the areas of greatest gain. Audit fees are quoted on a customized basis.

> Implementations - Implementations are an outgrowth of an Audit in a functional area.  Once the audit is completed, Benfield Consulting offers managerial oversight in design, structure, rollout and follow up of Audit recommendations.  Implementations typically range from 8 months to 2 years and are quoted on an individual basis.
> Seminars - Seminars can be a one to five day event involving education on a subject or several subjects.  Benfield Consulting typically performs seminars for mid-level and upper-level management on functional areas related to marketing, sales and operations.  Seminars have been done in the following functional areas:  Sales management, sales productivity enhancement, sales compensation and control system design, service management, fee basing services, pricing and pricing management, channel management and channel development, product management and product development, and growth strategy development.

> Research - Benfield Consulting has done a variety of research projects.  Research has been done in various areas including: market trends and market strategy implications, service quality and new service development, new product development, sales and solicitation, changes in the global supply chain, and M&A research.  Fees for research vary according to the scope of the project and the degree of analysis.  The consultancy works on commissioned research as well as self-funded projects that are sold on the open market.
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