Capabilities and Project Work

Optimization and Operations Streamlining

Benfield Consulting restructures outside and inside sales efforts for a variety of clients ranging from $70MM to $300MM in sales revenues.  Average cost reduction was in the 10% to 20% range with actual reduction in the $300,000 to $3MM range with no loss in sales revenue.  Benfield Consulting authored a research book on optimizing the sales effort in 2006.

 Benfield Consulting optimizes pricing for a variety of clients.  Typical increases in operating profit range from 2% to 5%.  Work has been done for companies as small as $50MM to clients over $1 Billion Dollars in sales. Benfield Consulting authored a book on pricing in 2001 with the book being used as a standard text in University Industrial Distribution programs. 

 Benfield Consulting has worked with clients on asset productivity and branch optimization.   A recent project improved asset productivity by 10% where assets were $20MM.


Interim Management

 Benfield Consulting has worked as an interim manager at V and C levels.  Terms are typically 1 to 2 years in length.  Financial results parallel those from optimization efforts.  Intangible results include regular planning and review efforts as well as development of MBO systems, and hiring of new executives.  Firm size has been in the $100MM to $300MM dollar range.


New Value Streams

 Benfield Consulting has identified and initiated efforts to create new products and services for customers.  These efforts have added increases from $1MM to $10MM in annual sales depending on the product or service. 

New Customers/New Channels

 Benfield Consulting has identified and set up new customer channels for clients.  Financial results vary from sales in the $1MM per annum range to over $40MM per annum.


Mergers and Acquisitions

 Benfield Consulting has done work for financial and strategic buyers in due diligence, post-acquisition performance, and search for acquisition candidates.  Work has been with premier private equity firms, Fortune 250 Global companies, and top 50 distributors. 

Financial Management

 Benfield Consulting has researched and engaged the concept of Free Cash Flow Profile and the associated subjects of Net Cash Flow.  The resulting work has improved cash flow 20% and reduced borrowing costs by six figures.


 Benfield Consulting has researched a variety of topics for leading associations including the NAED, ISA, and others.  In addition, the firm has written three books from research efforts and has recently completed sponsored research on e-commerce in distribution channels.  The firm is committed to researching topics at the forefront of B2B supply chains.


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