Benfield Consulting is a specialized consultancy for business to business manufacturers and  distributors. The firm was started in 1998 and is located in a suburb of Chicago. The company offers marketing, sales, and operations consulting for manufacturers and distributors who market through B-to-B channels.

Benfield Consulting offers experienced site consulting with seasoned professionals. Scott Benfield, the company founder, is a two decade veteran of B-to-B manufacturing and distribution. He worked for two decades, as a manager and executive, in B-to-B markets with Fortune rated companies and nationally ranked distributors.

Unlike many industrial channel consultancies, the company spends significant time in analysis and devising custom solutions for clients. The company does not sell "band-aid" solutions that fix symptoms. The firm gets to root problems and develops long-term profit making strategies.

Benfield Consulting has done work for Fortune ranked companies as well as regional firms. Projects include work in pricing strategy, sales force design and restructuring, channel design and management, efficiency of solicitation models, service development and service productivity. The firm also participates in a variety of research projects and speeches for industry associations.

Scott Benfield's practical experience offers a perspective not found in many agencies where project work and supervision is often done by career consultants or academics turned consultant. The company and its associates have managerial and executive experience in distribution and industrial products companies.

Benfield Consulting associates have experience in Fortune Rated Companies and carry graduate business and doctoral degrees from leading institutions.

Our company delivers detailed, expertly supported analyses leading to practical and actionable policies.

Check out Scott's Publications:

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Check out Scott's blog entries:

Scott writes a regular blog column for Supply House Times (since 2008).  His blogs are typically among the highest accessed and emailed for the respected magazine.  See a sample entry below or go to for the latest entry.

> Benfield's Blog: Sales professionals, control freaks and carrier pilots


“The concepts brought forth in this book are revolutionary in contrast to the current time-tested practices utilized in distribution…  The question is……will the successful adopters become so financially strong that the non-adopters eventually fall by the wayside?”

Jerry Lihota, P.E., CEO and Chairman of the Board, Rumsey Electric Company, Immediate Past Chairman of the Board, Electric Supply Division, Affiliated Distributors

Current Favorites:

Want to know how to maximize the efforts of the outside sales effort?  Look at the only book for B-to-B distributors and supply chain partners that lays out how to do it step-by-step...

the Distribution Sales Effort
for Maximum Productivity

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Check out Scott Benfield's Best-Selling book on pricing.  Published in 2001, Pricing Management: Capturing Value for Distributors has become a classic.  The book has been used as a standard text in collegiate Industrial Distribution programs.


Pricing Management
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