Benfield Consulting is a consultancy for manufacturers and distributors in B2B supply chains.  The firm concentrates its work in general management disciplines, research, and new knowledge for B2B companies.   


Scott Benfield, Principal and President, has had his research, thought work, and opinions published in Forbes, The Financial Times, and a host of smaller industry based publications.  He is the author of six books on B2B channel issues and numerous research studies; both sponsored and privately funded.   He has been an executive presenter at Penn State, Purdue University, and Texas A&M. 


Benfield Consulting serves a diverse client base including wholesale distribution, e-commerce services, ERP software, venture capital projects, manufacturers marketing through intermediaries,  industry associations, and private equity investors.  Sample firms include GE, Infor, NetSuite, Cerberus Capital, Illinois Tool Works, and Anixter, among others. 


Benfield Consulting has been in existence since 2000 and is located in a suburb of Chicago.  Scott Benfield, prior to consulting, had 20 years of managerial and executive experience in Fortune Rated firms and nationally ranked distributors in marketing and sales functions.  Scott has a BA and MBA from Wake Forest University.

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Amazon's Wholesale Slaughter: Jeff Bezos' $8 Trillion B2B Bet

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Scott writes a regular blog column for Supply House Times (since 2008).  His blogs are typically among the highest accessed and emailed for the respected magazine.  See a sample entry below or go to for the latest entry.

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                                  NEW RESEARCH

E-Commerce has been a part of Wholesale Distribution since the late 1990’s, however, the critical moment is now for the technology to make big gains—at the expense of many wholesale suppliers.  Benfield Consulting has the industry’s first comparison on customer and wholesaler responses on the technology.  The contrasts find:
  • Customers are buying twice as much online as distributors are selling online
  • Customers prefer a handful of distributors with powerful sites, top-notch content, and massive sku counts
  • The MRO market is forecast to have 30% or more of sales online by 2020
  • Most distributors have first generation e-commerce systems that are not competitive in today’s environment

 If you are serious about e-commerce, purchase this must read   research from Benfield Consulting for only $74.99 per copy.



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Check out Scott Benfield's Best-Selling book on pricing.  Published in 2001, Pricing Management: Capturing Value for Distributors has become a classic.  The book has been used as a standard text in collegiate Industrial Distribution programs.

Pricing Management
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