Scott Benfield has a B.A. and M.B.A. from Wake Forest University.  He is an avid reader, a runner, and a fly fisherman.  He and his family reside in Naperville, IL, a suburb of Chicago.

Scott is currently working on a research based book on on mergers and acquisitions in the North American distribution sector.
Scott Benfield is a seasoned and experienced consultant for B2B markets.  He has over two decades of experience with Fortune rated manufacturers and top U.S. distributors in managerial and executive capacities.  His experience includes positions with Emerson Electric, The Kohler Company, Ferguson Enterprises and Columbia Pipe of Chicago.  He has practical experience at all levels of the industrial channel including manufacturing, manufacturer's representative, and distribution.

Scott's client base includes Fortune rated companies as well as a host of mid-size companies in the fragmented industrial base of North America.

He has also worked with top associations and manufacturers on industrial marketing and distribution policy.

Scott has written over 100 professional articles, authored six books, conducted numerous research projects and has been a guest instructor at Texas A&M and Purdue University.  He actively participates in education and research of B2B markets.  He has collaborated with leaders in the B2B marketing field and continues to explore and challenge the sedentary thinking of old line industrial companies.
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