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We appreciate your interest. Please feel free to contact us by phone, mail or e-mail.  Describe the nature of your interest and we will get back to you usually within 24 hours.  Our contact information is:

Benfield Consulting
423 Warwick Drive
Naperville, Illinois 60565

Phone is (630) 428-9311

And feel free to e-mail us.

Liability Disclaimer

Benfield Consulting works diligently to maintain a current knowledge base on its services for clients.  The firm continually updates its proprietary research, publishing, and engages with thought leadership in practice areas.  Therefore, Benfield Consulting believes that its research, publishing, and consulting advisory services are accurate, current, and will financially benefit the client.  Many events, however, are beyond the consultancy's control including: macro changes in business environment, reaction of competitors, capabilities of client management, and the client's strictness of implementation.  As such, the firm accepts no responsibility for implementation of advisory services whether from published research, seminars, thought pieces, or field consulting.
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